All nighter! For some, not all.
Last night at around 3:30pm something went haywire at SASI which required a good number of the IT guys and gal to stick around till 2am to troubleshoot. I of course was useless to the crew because I had no idea what was going on. I finished my work for the day at around 7pm and decided to stick around since dinner was on the company. We loaded ourselves up with Chinese food and some sweet pies that my boss ran down to Grand Central to pick up. After dinner I didn't feel like heading home so I decided to stick around and cheerlead.

Through all this, I found it amazing that everyone stayed in good spirits. Everyone couldn't work on the issue at the same time, so during some portions of the night we loaded up the PS2 with Tekken 5 and commenced with the ass kicking. After moving some of the servers downstairs to our 'makeshift' server room and testing, everyone left at 2am except for my boss, the CIO and one of the programmers (they all stayed the night). This morning when everyone reported back at 8am and throughout the day, everyone was still in relatively good spirits. I'm sort of in awe, or should I say I'm 'awful' =D.

Anyhow, back at CMU whenever we pulled all nighters we would walk around like zombies and be all pissed off. These guys don't get paid extra to stick around, so I guess their positive attitude during and after the entire ordeal is a testament to why I love this crew so much. Lord knows if I was under the gun like that and was skipping out on time with my wife and kids I'd be one P.O.ed bastard.

-SASI IT Cheerleader