Ultimate Fighting Championships 53
This past Saturday Shane convinced me to head down to AC for UFC53. I've been so out of the mixed martial arts community I had no idea what to expect. Driving down there, he rattled off a bunch of the names that were on the fight card, of course no names I recognized. The last fight I saw was Ortiz losing to my favorite fighter Couture. Then he had to go lose to Liddell. Lame.

While we sat there waiting for the matches to start, Shane started explaining to me the laundry list of additional rules that had been added. UFC is apparently trying to go legit so they've been making the sport more 'civilized' to appease to the sports commission. No punching, kicking, elbowing to the back of the head. No stomping, no soccer kick, no slamming someone on their head, the list goes on... bleh.

Anyway, when the pre-fight videos started playing, we moved from our nosebleed seats all the way down to the second nearest section. Great seats, except this annoying pole with the number five written on it that blocked our direct view. Nothing a few ducks and leans couldn't fix while watching the fights. Though I didn't recognize the names when Shane rattled them off to me, Franklin, the Jim Carrey look alike was familiar to me. His fight against Tanner was actually one of the more entertaining ones. Anyway, for the rest of the night, everyone else was new to me. You can just check out the fight card to see who was there that night. I'd just like to say that Arlovski is a freaking beast. And I'd like to thank Shane for getting the tickets and doing all the driving.

By the way Shane brings up a good point. Guys, why on earth would you EVER bring your girlfriend to one of these events? You think they would really be interested in seeing some guys slug it out? Halfway through the night, the ladies around us kept asking us how many fights were left while their boyfriends were doing their best ignoring them and concentrating on the fights. Ladies, do yourself a favor, you don't really want to attend these things, well unless you are into that sort of thing, then by all means.
At 12:26 AM, Blogger Jake said...

That kicks ass man. I said it before, but I think you should fight in MMA events. Tomo and I can be your trainers.

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"trainers" as in "human punching bags"? well, for you at least, i dunno about tomo ;o )

yeah, UFC isn't for me... i watched a couple mins of a dvd (we rent all of em at blockbuster... talk about quality family entertainment) and i just don't get the appeal of watching someone get hurt, let alone doing the hurting.

but maybe that's just the sensitive girly side of me :o P


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