Sonic Artillery (Hail Suppression System)
On the bus ride home I was reading a Business 2.0 article titled Dream Factory (13261899310) covering Nissan's Mississippi factory. Towards the end, they mentioned the 'sonic artillery' they use to blast sonic waves into the sky to break up hail formations. 12 foot cannons shooting sonic waves. Holy badass Batman!
...the sonic artillery that stands guard over a vast uncovered parking lot in back of the plant. There, as many as 12,000 new vehicles are parked at any given time. Mississippi gets hailstorms, which are murder on car bodies. The 12-foot cannons are part of an anti-hail system unlike anything at any other auto plant in the world. A Doppler radar system searches for incipient hail formations 50,000 feet up in the atmosphere. At the first hint of hail, the radar automatically triggers the big guns, which blast sonic waves into the sky. The sound waves break up hail formations.
I tried finding some detailed photos of these cannons and have been unsuccessful so far. I did manage to find a news article on the ones installed at the Nissan factory, and also a nice diagram explaining how the system works (low resolution photos of the cannons also available at this site). We can control certain aspects of our weather, yet our weathermen can't forecast worth a damn. Oh wait, what's Megatron doing on this post? There's a connection... yes there is.
At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it because shockwave replaced megatron? or does it have to do with megatron's fusion cannon?
do tell.
and this is one badass system.

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Jake said...

I wonder what that does to birds?

At 2:11 PM, Blogger DC said...

Ding ding! It's pretty obvious. It is indeed because of Megatron's BIG %*@$)*% Fusion Cannon. Big.

As for the birds, I bet they'll be going deaf eh? I wonder if there are just dead birds lying around the surrounding area. In the office we get a few birds here and there smacking into the windows...


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