Rogues Gallery -> Mr. Freeze, and an announcement or two!
If you haven't caught the new The Batman animated series, check it out sometime. I've seen a few episodes and the character designs are awesome! The story focuses on his early years so they tie nicely in with the upcoming Batman Begins movie. Batman has always been known for his rogues gallery, take a look at Mr. Freeze. Kickass. Literally.

Google always seems to know where Carmen Sandiego is. Well it did earlier today. When I tried redoing the search just now, it couldn't find her anymore. Update: N/M, you have to search using the full string, "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?"

This site has scans of the instruction manuals of every Generation 1 Transformer toy released! Much respect for the scanners and collectors who made it possible. Say it like Ali G, "respect!"

Well, I have something to divulge. Though nothing as interesting as the ones posted at PostSecret (credit: [J]). I sold out. I'm now a member of the titan of blogs, Weblogs Inc. The badboys that bring you such addictive reads as Engadget, Joystiq, Autoblog, Luxist and more. You will now find my ruminations on design-related items over at design.weblogsinc.com. I dedicated my first post on the much discussed UPS rebranding. I'll also be posting on some of the other 'design-related' blogs in the network but less frequently. But don't worry, I won't be giving up my day job this personal blog. After all, half the stuff I write about has nothing to do with 'design'... sort of. Well unless they pay me $100,000 to blog full time I can make every post I write related to design.

In other news, one of the faux iPod ads is being featured on AdCandy.com
At 10:13 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

congrats dude. but i think it's time we start our own media/blog group. K.I.R. Media. once we (or i) get the architect's license, we'll stretch out into architecture/graphic design. then we'll pull in kwak kwak and sergio for the urban design and historic preservation. THEN we pull in moley for the multimedia and production. dude... i figured this all out. we'll take over the world, and make martha stewart look like nothing more than a footnote to our art+media domination.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I immediately went looking for Jetfire at that Transformers link. He was my favorite in the old collection. In fact, I liked him so much that when I broke my first, I bought a second. And I broke it because...I never used instruction manuals. Part of the fun in them I guess.

I wouldn't normally read a design blog, but now I will. Congrats.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger DC said...

The hell!? That guy is a Macross rip off!

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A complete rip: head, armor, gun, everything.

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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