It's getting hot in here...
Summer's not for me,
Here I sit, pores run with sweat.
Swamp ass it may be.

As the days get longer and hotter, I've realized that I'm most definitely a winter person. I can't seem to function in the heat, my concentration is shot and I never get anything done. It's an inverse relationship, the higher the temperature, the less I output. I'd rather be under the sheets freezing than having to lay in bed sweating. The central AC in my house is shot. It'll be another week or two till we can get it fixed. In the meantime my room has turned into a sauna. Electronics throwing off heat, I should install wood paneling and sit here in a towel. I think I'm going to stay in the city until the AC in the house gets fixed. Must... function.

In my dreams, I'll be laying down on a bed made of ice. A thin layer of cloth between the bed and me so my skin doesn't stick to the bed (think Dumb & Dumber, the tongue on the ski lift scene). Ah yes, definitely a fan of ice, how about an entire hotel made of ice? Yes... sweet sweet love to the block of ice. It's a great relationship, me the CPU, the ice block, a heatsink.

I've blabbered long enough, let's make this post interesting. How expensive can a design book be? Take a look at this eBay auction for Wim Crouwel's Mode en Module. not even a full three days and it has hit $300. There's still seven full days left, I wonder how high it'll go!

Anyone else miss Triump the Insult Comic Dog? He was on Conan on June 9th reporting from the Michael Jackson Trial Base Camp. You can download the torrent for the clip here, or watch the 'featured video' on Conan's site. Worthy of a download!

Update: Anyone want to go on a cruise to Alaska? I want to go hug a glacier. Prices aren't too bad, they start at $528, too bad penguins don't live in Alaska... that would have sealed the deal.

Update 2: Homebrewed AC for less than $25! Hmmmm...
At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

swamp ass sucks. we get it all the time in texas, it's true. a real endemic around here. fight it, darren, fight it! i recommend one of those blue gel ice packs. convenient for the office.

At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo, buddy...you seriously thinking about going on a cruise to Alaska? I am thinking about getting my dad one for his father's day present...just got to find a week the restaurant is slow so I can cover the place for him...holla at me


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