Global freaking Frequency

DC: Aleph, this is 425.
Aleph: You're on the Global Frequency.

No not really, but one can daydream. Until that day arrives, I'll just continue on with my vigilante ways (all you urban centers, my superhero services are still up for grabs).

Global Frequency, what is it? It was a comic book miniseries now collected into two graphic novels. Written by Warren Ellis of The Authority and Planetary fame (among many others). I would go ahead and explain the premise, but Z.Brock at Amazon already wrote a pretty good synopsis.
The premise of Global Frequency is of a group of 1001 volunteers who have been tapped for their particular talents to respond to emergency situations the globe over. They could be anyone from an S&M MIT Physics professor to an ex-Army sniper to a helicopter pilot. They're always on call so that whoever is closest to the situation can count on all of their combined experience at any time.
I first read this series during it's run as a monthly comic book. Great read, but I soon forgot about it and moved on with my life. Then a few weeks ago, I came across a torrent for the unaired pilot and went ahead and downloaded it. I had totally forgotten it, but obviously there is a cult following. And for good reason, the first episode is extremely well done. Just take a look at the screenshot I grabbed up top, such artistry, making the disintegrating bullets look like tears. Everything about the pilot was on point, I can't fathom why WB didn't pick it up! The only minor complaint I had was towards the end of the episode with the Asian actress who plays Liz. Really, you call that acting? They should have just gone ahead and cast the gymnast from one of the later Jurassic Park movies.

There's been a lot of media attention surrounding the leaked pilot including this informative article at Wired. Warren Ellis and John Rogers (one of the script writers) are both feigning displeasure over the leaked pilot, but you know they are just writing those entries to cover their rears. BTW Elmo, Rogers graduated with a Physics degree and five years later started writing television scripts before moving onto movies. He's writing the upcoming Transformers movie! Follow his footsteps. You like math, you could have been a writer for that 'okay' show Numb3rs and then moved on. Anyway, if anyone wants to read the graphic novels, buy them on Amazon or I'll hook you up with them. Well worth your time to read, no men-in-tights for those of you who are too mature for costumes and such. So good. Let's hope they bring it back and make it a series.
At 1:24 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

sweet. i'm down for some graphic novels. i think it's about time we start our own superhero agency.


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