Calvin and Hobbes, all you ever wanted to know and then some.

I just spent the better portion of the last hour reading through some Calvin and Hobbes material. Watterson's stuff never gets old to me. Guaranteed to enlighten you is this thoroughly researched entry on Wikipedia. Please, if you do just one more thing tonight, read this entry. It's long, but not long-winded. Information galore!

If you haven't pre-ordered the Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection (to be released on October 5, 2005) you should really consider it. Walmart has it for a few dollars cheaper, but after tax and shipping, it's more expensive than Amazon's price. If anyone finds it for cheaper drop me a line!

I have the entire comic strip collection in GIF/JPG format, and also in PDF format. I've offered it in the past so if you are interested in it, message me when I'm on AIM.