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Had a nice time after work Friday rollerblading up through Central Park and across to Lincoln Center. Paid a visit to the Reebok Concept Store to check out the available 'canvases' for the Custom Kicks Showdown. After a lengthy brainstorming session last night with the [J], I settled on a particular idea/pair. Really nasty looking shoe, but the idea works, now I have to tend to the execution.

I took the opportunity on the way down to the Port Authority to stop by the Samsung Experience Lab. Let me reiterate, I love the Koreans. I've been meaning to visit this mecca of electronic goodies for a while now and it didn't really disappoint. Only thing disappointing to me was the fact that those gadgets and room setups weren't in my own home. Samsung, no more no-compete contracts in the future, please bring your laptops to the states.