Top Gear
The first Top Gear episode of the season just aired, and you'll soon be able to download the torrent from the fine folks over at FinalGear.com. While we wait for the torrent to be released, a member of Final Gear was kind enough to scan the preview booklet for the upcoming season.

Something I learned from the magazine the other day. In a review of the Renault Laguna, the journalist started the article with the following history lesson.
"The term dashboard comes from the horse and coach days of transport, when a piece of wood was placed in front of the passengers to stop them from getting covered in the mud that was thrown up from the hooves of the 'dashing' horses."
Anyway, some fine friends just got me a kicking subscription to the magazine. So no more of waiting a month for an issue to get into my hands. Beating Borders to it! I'll make sure to share anything I learn from the magazine with all you loyal readers. All one of you.

Update: Like Barry White eating wasps... hahahah. Okay people, it's been out, go and download! I was so impatient, I was downloading it at work =T. They even spent a good amount of time discussing the Greatest Driving Song Ever...
At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is hands down my new favorite show. it truly brings back the integrity of television...gotta love those brits!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Jake said...

I love that magazine,when I get a real job(hopefully) I am getting a subscription so I dont have to walk up to squirell hill and read the shit second hand.

Also I love the wit and creativity of top gear. I also love the cast. BUT, I have to say I respect the opinions of the fifth gear team much more simply because they are all(except for the fat funny guy, their equivilent of Jeremy Clarkson) are seasoned and very successful racecar drivers. Their review are much less biased and overall I feel their opinions are more trustworthy.

Even though I love Jeremy Clarkson, I have heard things comming out of his mouth that are just wrong. I still love the show and James, Richard, and Jeremy are definitly guys that would be cool to kick it with.

You better keep me updated on cool shit you find in the magazine.

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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