Top Gear, the magazine is educational.
Learned a few fun facts on the commute to work today from none other than the May 2005 issue of Top Gear.

Did you know that the Bur al-Arab hotel spent millions to build a flyover 400 yards long at the local airport? The only reason for doing so was to avoid a traffic light. That's right, in order to achieve its '7-star' status, they had to ensure that there were no traffic lights between the airport and the hotel. Ridiculous.

The word POSH actually comes from the acronym P.O.S.H. "Well-to-do travelers sailing between England and India requested staterooms on the shady side of the ship which was "Port Outboard, Starboard Home". Shortened by the ship's purser to P.O.S.H."

I love British writing and commentary, so educational too. Before I end this entry, I leave you with two treats for your ears. First up is Hasidic Reggae (credit: Jake), and the second, an a cappella version of our favorite 8-bit tunes. I got goosebumps when they hit the Super Mario underground tunes and the Zelda tunes. Oh and I loved how he booted up the game. Cartridges were terrible, instead of blowing onto every game I wanted to play, I used to stack them into the vents of the air conditioner.
At 10:52 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

man the UAE is building some crazy stuff right now. may have the eye and material candy, but i'm not sure if it's good for the country in the long run. it's still pretty hard to market that area as a tourist attraction. plus if they ever make that artificial archipeligo of the world i swear my new goal in life is to blow it up.


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