Sun's $50 million dollar rebranding campaign...
Behold! Another rebranding campaign has been underway and will be unveiled tomorrow. Sun Microsystems, until recently one of Microsoft's rivals, threw down $50 million dollars in an effort to rebrand themselves and pull them to the top of every geek's mind. Unsure of what Sun Microsystems is about? Apparently many others are in the dark as well. All I know is, these guys are the ones behind Java and everything related to it... which in my eyes equates this company to be a pretty powerful entity but EXTREMELY slow. Oh... my... god Java is so freaking slow.

I kind of dig their existing logo. The four S's, the font, everything. But it is a little busy, so it looks like they have gone the route of KISS with their new slim 'S' logo. I'm apprehensive of this new logo. It looks too thin, it could possibly get lost without enough white space to reinforce it. If they choose to not have standard colors, that would also further dilute it.

In addition, the 'S' stands for sharing. Okay, let's keep that on the DL guys. How lame can these marketing people get? Next thing I know, they'll be hiring the Care Bears and having them yell "Sharing Means Caring!" all over the net. Oh wouldn't that be something? They could introduce 'Sun-Bear' and have him push Solaris to the unsuspecting masses!

Let's shift through this campaign for a second and take a look at the person orchestrating it. Ms. Ingrid Van Den Hoogen, the VP of Branding and Global Communications together with Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. She has an interesting background, started out as a software developer before moving into branding. The story is as follows:
On one project, she helped develop Sun software for creating 3-D graphics and was the one chosen to demonstrate the new product for Sun executives, business partners and others.

"Afterwards, a Sun executive came up to me and said, 'Did you ever want to be in marketing? You really know how to tell the story behind the technology,'" she recalled.

She hadn't considered being in marketing until the executive asked, but took the job in the early 1990s and began marketing Sun computer servers at a time when Sun wasn't known for servers at all.
Update: The campaign has been introduced here. So it looks as though they aren't replacing their old logo at all. I think the 'Share' logo is now used to represent their 'philosophy'? Great campaign guys, I am now more confused than ever...

And now that Slim has voiced his displeasure with Java I feel more comfortable in saying... I too believe Java sucks. So FREAKING SLOW. And what's with all these stupid things like beans and jar files? Lame.
At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, James Gosling, is a CMU alum. but i think he went there for grad school.

At 2:26 AM, Blogger dJsLiM said...

I hate Java


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