Hostage Situation Update
Following these two previous posts, one and two, here is an update.
To Whom it may concern,

I am no longer a captive...I have joined my brothers and sisters in the revolutionary movement. Please now call me "Tania".

The enclosed photos prove I am not held against my will and have been sightseeing and out for great feasts of cookies. I even got to do a 'rap' battle in Brooklyn!!! The last picture is just a gag (my idea).

I no longer wish to be associated with the Bad Magec who left me on a bar like some chump change or a half-eaten bowl of nuts. Staying with them is just a "Bad Idea!!" I do not give a WhOOT about the rebooters either-they are not the boss of me. I wish to remain with my new friend/comrades for INFINITY (and beyond). Please undestand this is sincere and know I am under NO duress- I have seen the light.


A package of PEZ candy also came through the interoffice mail today, directed to everyone on our team EXCEPT Christine Ng. Now, tying that together with the capitalized NG in the following email, someone is trying to frame a team member!

Before this particular email, Terry and Carolyn had emailed Judy Goldstein, the sender of the original ransom email. This was the reply given.
You are in no position to make demands. I Had nothiNG to do with this. I am merely a conduit to relay a message from those who wish to boot woot. Please cease and desist. I have moved to block all e-mails from your location. You will be contacted by those responsible in good time.

Can the Oversize Cookie Monster Pez Dispenser function without his Pez candy?
At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you work in a dangerous environment


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