Fun filled events for today, Saturday, May 7th!
Free comic book day today! Stop by your local shop for free comics! Jeremy and I had a little talk yesterday about how sad it was that our reading lists have dwindled so much over the years. I couldn't even name enough titles to cover one hand that I looked forward to reading every month.

Jim Lee has his very own pizza oven in his newly renovated home!

Design your own t-shirt for free! The Pop Up Store in NYC will let you design your own shirt (in a number of different ways, traditional media, or on the computer) and then transfer it onto a shirt. Very cool promotion, until May 15th!

Urban Free Flow
, a new sport, using an urban setting as your field. Remember that Scion commercial where the two guys were running in the parking garage trying to get to the cars? Very much like that... they are having some kind of demo at the Adidas Store today in Soho.