Europe... in concert.
Running over to the Port Authority after work today, I caught a glimpse of the B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill marquee. On it was written Europe. I slowed down somewhat as I passed it and saw that they were performing in less than three hours. Not knowing if it was sold out or not, and running late for my 5:35pm bus, I sped up again and was the second to last onto the bus.

When I got home, I went on TicketMaster and called up the club. Tickets were still available, and at around $30 it was relatively cheap for a concert (though I've never really been to one). I wrestled with the idea of hopping onto the 7:10pm bus, but after immersing myself in work I convinced myself not to bother with it. Afterall, their music videos were awful. Why would I want to see them in person?

Still toying with the idea of catching their other shows later in the week though (NJ and Philly)... it's no for now, since their music videos left such a bad taste in my mouth, I don't want to ruin the overall love I have for their 1986 album. Still... it would be interesting. We'll see when the day comes.

Not sure what Europe is about? Read some reviews of their latest album here.
At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've never been to a concert? like, ever? or are you exaggerating? that's crazy...

btw if you check my blog you'll see what my solution was for the scanner driver problem yesterday. thanks again for your help with that!

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