DC's new logo part deux
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Newsarama recently interviewed DC's Senior Vice President - Creative Director Richard Bruning. In the most informative interview on DC's new logo thus far, Richard recalls pieces of the process and offers up reasons as to why they chose to go down specific paths. But in one of the more telling statements as to why the new logo may be a failure out of the gate, Bruning states that they have been thinking whether or not to keep the old DC Bullet logo on the archive editions. After the interview, Bob Greenberger, DC's editor of Collected Editions stated they were in fact keeping the old logo.
"As Richard Bruning mentioned over at Newsarama this week, we've been looking at mockups of the Archive design with the new logo, with the old logo, and with some other variations. After much debate, the Powers That Be have decided to leave things exactly as they are. The archive design will remain as is."
To play devils advocate, the new logo doesn't look too bad on the archived editions as seen by the mockups posted in this thread, they just need a white outline to make it pop a little more and they need to keep it small. The first front cover mockup features a much too large DC logo, I prefer the second front cover mockup.

As an iconic logo, it fails because it gets lost in the sea of the mid 90s flashiness of various internet based companies and sports teams. But it does seem to have some potential for when it goes live in a multi-media environment.

Above are some 'updated interpretations' of the classic DC Bullet done by Paul Sizer, a designer and illustrator, as an exercise. Since DC was looking for a substantial redesign to reflect its current and future business, an update of the original icon would have been redundant. For the reasons that they chose to go with a new logo, these mock-ups wouldn't have succeeded. They do look pretty nice though. I would be interested to see all the logos that didn't make the cut sometime in the future... any insiders willing to share?

Update: Sweet, got a shoutout from the fine folks over at AdJab!
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