Came across this fantastic design blog last night, Inhabit. Within it's treasure troves, I found three pieces on concrete. One of them was on the bendable concrete I reported on earlier in the month.

The second piece, Grancrete, "is a sprayable ceramic that is stronger than concrete, fire resistant and provides good insulation in both hot and cold climates." Cool, I'm sure the engineers will appreciate that. But...

The third piece, Translucent Concrete, gets me all hot and bothered. "LitraCon has the strength of traditional concrete, but light can pass through it (through the glass fibers). Walls made of LitraCon allow silhouettes of the outside world to be transmitted into the interior of a building." People always expect concrete to evoke this massive dark enclosed feeling. How fantastic it would be to totally flip that on people. Designers usually use concrete because of its less than 'light' properties. This totally opens up an entirely new field to play in.

Wait till the Japanese masters get their hands on this stuff. Concrete is cheap, but it takes a lot of skill to finish it well. At a recent TriBeCa loft I worked in, they had their countertops made of poured cement. Looked AWFUL. So warning of the day, anyone can pour concrete, it takes a real craftsman to make it look good.