Carnegie Mellon Alumni Spotlight: Hau Thai-Tang
Meet Hau Thai-Tang, new director of Ford's Special Vehicle Team. Also an alumni of Carnegie Mellon University.
Thai-Tang made it through public school with good enough grades to get into Carnegie-Mellon University. Armed with a degree in engineering, he quickly landed a job at Ford after graduating in 1988.
You can also listen to an audio report at KQED, however it requires RealPlayer, so you decide if it's worth downloading to listen. The description:
In an automotive industry increasingly dominated by Asian imports, nameplates like Camry, Accord and Altima have become household words. But there are still a few domestic names that stand out -- none like the legendary Mustang. After more than 40 years on the market, Ford Motor Company recently updated its fabled "pony car," and the new model is selling so fast, the assembly line can't keep up. Ironically, this truly American icon's rebirth owes its existence to a young Vietnamese refugee.