Following these three previous posts, one and two, and three here is an update.

Mysterious disappearance of trophy was just a case of cold feet. In a stunning development overnight, Cookie Monster returned to SASI after taking a Greyhound bus to Vegas the day after running out of Juniper. According to officials, all the alleged kidpnapping messages were fabricated. "It seems the little bugger got cold feet", one officer noted, " He didn't want to commit to one team for so long and he panicked. When puppets panic, they do strange things." A source close to 'Tania' tried to explain his rationale, "Forced to choose just one of the three very deserving teams, he had a few stiff drinks at Juniper, ate some 'tainted' Pez and after a harrowing hallucinogenic experience came up with the elaborate plan including pictures from around the city." No word on whether Cookie Monster will be formally charged with a crime or forced to pay restitution to Carolyn Schioppa and Terrence McBride ( and the Darren Chan Crime Lab) for their painstaking and expensive investigation into the disappearance. Noted one-time suspect Christine NG, "We're just glad to have him back in the fold." Perhaps the stress of recently being demoted from 'Monster" status and only being allowed cookies as a sometimes food factored into his dive off the deep end. "We are sensitive to his heavy-cookie dependency", noted an anonymous source, "the team is willing to take him back and that is a good first step, hopefully this is just a one-off and the Monster and the winning team can repair the damage and focus on what brought them together in the first place." Yet another cautionary tale depicting the dangers of mixing cookie-eaters with candy-dispensing products, "People just don't understand the risks-he just moved from cookies to the harder stuff-it's a classic tale." The hope is he has hit bottom and will get off the rock (candy).Admitting his mistakes and not running from his problems are just the beginning, he will be facing down these demons for INFINITY.

After bus to Vegas(notice the haircut): Photo 1
Escorted from Albuquerque...: Photo 2
Afterwards covered with a towel: Photo 3

Thanks to Ms Wilbanks for the AP photos.