Architecture Update...
While the status of the Ground Zero redevelopment is officially back to square one and a total mess, at least the memorial is making headway. The NY Times has an article on the full-scale, fully functional mock-up of a portion of the memorial. Glad to see something positive coming out of the entire mess.

In other architecture news, Forbes has an article on the World's Ugliest Buildings. Among them? A Frank Gehry building, the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Score!

Not a big Nike fan, but the NikeID store looks like a very 'hip' place to experience. The designer 'gets' it. It's all about the shoes... really.
At 11:37 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

oh man... those were some horrible buildings. at least there are still people that take an objective view of architecture with a main purpose of solving a problem, not a means of showboating BS.

On the other hand, the nikeID store is pretty cool, almost like going to a nike museum.


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