Tomorrow's Sin and Summer's Fantastic Four
This is madness! So many movies I'm looking forward to this year. And most of them are all adaptations. I'm going to pay for Sin City tomorrow. That's right, going to support all of Rodriguez's and Miller's hard work. That and the black and white video will probably be hard to watch on an LCD. Can't believe I got rejected for the Wednesday previewing of Sin City. So many famous people were there including some of the actors and most of all, Jim Lee was there. $)#!$*!&

Geared up for Sin City? Want to find out more about the movie? Check out this NPR audio interview of Rodriguez and Miller conducted by the one and only Kevin Smith. Click on the extended audio link if you have the time (1 hour) to sit through the full interview. Otherwise you can click on the listen button for the 7 minute abridged version. Here's the trailer if you are so inclined.

0519: I was never a Star Wars fan but strangely enough I'm looking forward to Episode III. I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars, I watched episodes I and II and didn't really like them, I do remember watching episodes 4-6, but I don't remember watching them in their entirety. I hear there's also an Episode 7-9 but those will probably not get made? Whether or not it's good or bad, it'll be my ramp up to the next three movies.

0617: Batman Begins. Need I say more? Okay I will, the previous few movies have been horrendous obviously. I don't even remember downloading them that's how bad they were. At first I was a bit hesitant about Christian Bale as Batman, but from the trailers he looks like a good fit, and he's signed on for the next few in the series so there will be some continuity at last. Teaser trailer seen on SpikeTV and ESPN, another one seen on Cartoon Network.

0629: From what I hear, War of the Worlds will be this summer's biggest movie with all the other movies this summer moving their schedules around to accommodate this monster. Never read the book but I guess this will be the perfect time to read it before the movie is released. Tom Cruise won't be doing Iron Man which is a let down, but from what I hear he stated the movie wasn't moving in the right direction. I wish I was there listening to the radio during the 1938 broadcast. What a crazy night that would have been. What would you have done during a Martian attack? You think I can sell out my fellow humans in return for some technology? Nah, I think I'd probably get blasted away like everyone else...

0708: What a way to cap the summer with Fantastic Four. Here are all four trailers if you wish to watch, 1, 2, 3, 4. They are all pretty similar, but go for the Internet Exclusive ones. At the movie's website, on the screen where they show all four characters you can hit your 'F4' button to access Dr. Doom's portion of the site. Nothing up there as of yet so check back later. Watching the trailers, I got goosebumps and got all giddy everytime Johnny Storm cracked a joke, especially when it was at Ben Grimm's expense. Hahhaha, "Oh you're hot!" "Why thank you, so are you." I'll have to remember that one... oh and I was never a big fan of Jessica Alba, but oh my...

Sue Storm: Victor, you always thought you were a god.
Dr. Doom: Let's not fight.
Sue Storm: No, let's.
Me <=== jaws drop...

And there you have it, as Playskool would say, my summer's Fantastic Four (movies that is).