Squid, tofu, radish, and sometimes an egg.
Morning, noon and night!
I could eat it all day long.
Ojingoh Chigae!

Squid, tofu, radish.
$5.62 at Winners.
Two meals in one!

But since departing...
Sadly those days are long gone.
Winners made Pittsburgh.

I travel the world.
My quest? To find the perfect...
Ojingoh Chigae!
(oy bad Haiku)

The other weekend down in DC, I came across a Korean place that had ojingoh chigae. It was the first time I tasted that particular dish away from Winners, a restaurant I frequented during my later CMU years. Oh man, what joy! Too bad Duan, my old ojingoh chigae buddy decided not to partake for health reasons. The dish wasn't too bad, tasted almost like what I was used to at Winners. Though at a not so sweet price point (twice Winner's going rate).

After hearing of my unfortunate addiction, Mrs. Choi eased my pain, or rather gave me a fix by cooking up a mean batch of, say it with me now, OH-JING-OH CHIIIIIIIIGAAAAEEEE. I killed a few bowls on the spot and made off with the rest of the pot. Though I'm nursing that stash. I have a feeling I'll kill it tomorrow morning for breakfast. That's right, I consider it breakfast food too. Morning, day or night, a perfect meal regardless of the conditions. Jammer get going on another batch =D THAAAAAANKS.

Yesterday after the autoshow, which wasn't worth reporting on, Julie and I had dinner at Kang Suh, a place recommended by Jim Lee. To my surprise they had the dish, unfortunately it was the worst one I ever tasted. It wasn't bad persay, but compared to the three other variants I've eaten, this one was definitely relegated to the bottom of the standings.

I miss Winners. I guess since I was introduced to the dish there, and because of the unique ghetto environment, it just gives the dish that extra ghetto oomph.