Sometimes, it's more than just a wordmark.
For those of you not in the know, let me restate my hatred of UPS. The brown company color is so fitting as it is indeed a piece of turd company. They even have enough irate 'ex-customers' to fund this site, United Package Smashers.

On the other end of the spectrum, FedEx, an angel of a company that has met or exceeded my expectations everytime! And from what I've experienced, they are as cheap or cheaper than the USPS! Take a look at their logo. What do you see? Look closely, remember negative space is just as important! Interesting eh? Click on over to 'the Sneeze' for an informative interview with Lindon Leader, the creator of the FedEx logo. Enjoy!

Elsewhere in design land, Matthias Megyeri makes home security lovable. Those bunny ears on the surveillance camera are so adorable. Where can I put a turtle shell motif?

Frankie Flood also makes the ordinary kitchen utensil a bit less ordinary with his beautifully crafted pizza cutters. When I saw the PFL model, the color scheme immediately conjured up images of the highly functional but terrible color scheme MFM bindings. They are all so good, I can't choose a favorite...

How diesel is this controller panel? Every input/output you could think of and it looks great too! Such a sweet price. I'm pretty much glued to my laptop now, but should I ever find the need to build a full scale desktop system, this will definitely be going in it.
At 12:46 PM, Blogger Jake said...

Nothing wrong with brown... the color of chocolate


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