Rubber, don't leave home without it.
A fantastic read on car tires. Do yourself a favor and develop a deeper understanding on what makes your car stick to the ground.

Cute car phones. In the future, when our kids are attending elementary school, I'm sure technology will have trickled down there and infiltrated their grubby little hands. Back in my day, we didn't get cell phones until we hit college. Now my sister and cousins have had their cell phones since middle school. Anyway, I bet these phones would be in their hands along with your mandatory Hello Kitty phones. Yessir, I believe LG's ahead of the game.

Grab the torrent for April 4th's episode of Fifth Gear here. Third episode of the season so far and they really took it up a notch. The entire MB A-class segment kind of sucked because of the stupid fish eye lense they used, gave me a headache. The rest was awesome though, especially Tiff playing GT4 and the segment on A1 Grand Prix in Dubai was amazing. Dubai is definitely now on my list of places to go to. I wish the skyscrapers in China looked like those found in Dubai. Another coincidence that I posted about the artificial islands in Dubai just a few days ago.