Putt Putt Golf Challenge Finals
Because the leader board got so crowded, my boss decided to settle the matter once and for all.


You are all invited to the final round of the SASI FIX 1st Annual Putt-Putt Challenge! Congratulations to all the participants who made it this far. At 11:30 each of you will receive 3 tries get the chance to win the elusive FIX Trophy. The second prize is a slightly used 56K modem (w/o adapter). Third prize, some CAT5 cable.

Good Luck. The event starts 11:30 Friday (tommorow). The event will also be recorded via webcam.

Corwin Yu

The prizes were pretty amazing. The first place trophy was an old Roller Hockey trophy awarded for ninth place (single digit suckin'). But what gets me is that the damn trophy has a female swimmer on it, and it's totally mounted wrong. Attached to it is a rose I've kept since the first day of Spring, with the Gap coupon as well. It resided on top of my monitor until the event was over. Second place was a diesel US Robotics 56K modem. But what I really wanted was the silver and black 14.4 modem. Third place was some sexy CAT5 cable.

In the end, after many many challengers made their way through the event, only a handful of them made it onto the board. Yours truly took second place. And once again, Scott took first place (on his first try no less, didn't even bother taking the rest of his shots). Read the wOOt magazine in the post below for more information.