A morning commute captured...
My sister attended her junior prom last night. Afterwards she hosted the post prom festivities at our house. What a terrible idea. Didn't get to sleep until late into the night, or rather early in the morning. Then this morning I woke up earlier than usual and was unable to nap on the bus ride. Sometime later today, I know I'm going to crash.

With all the time in the world, I took extra long on my stroll to the bus stop. I even went around and took photos along the way. So without further ado, I present... my early morning commute. I apologize for my phone's camera, I had my Canon in the bag, but didn't feel like taking it out.

Rounding the bend on Sycamore Avenue, a bridge takes you over this small stream that runs through Livingston.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms? Such poor image quality but it looks really good in person though.

One of two adjacent houses with windchimes on their front lawn. They are blending in with the tree so you can't really see them.

At the bus stop looking at the entrance of the horse farm on Northfield.

Looking down the horse farm's driveway to one of their barns.

Looking down Northfield at the incoming bus.

These last two photos were taken on Wednesday. Sitting behind the bus driver heading towards South Mountain Arena.

Broadcasted image of Mariah Carey, who was singing live on a stage in Times Square promoting her new album (whatever...). Give it up Mariah... or put more clothes on.

And so there you have it, a typical morning commute. I used to equate Gin Blossom's Hey Jealousy with an overcast sky in the early evening, leading into the middle of the night. But since I've been listening to that song amongst others on my commute this entire week, the mood has changed to sun shining days... I think the song works better with the original image.