Mergers and Acquisitions...
From Mike, one of the coolest optical illusions I've seen! This Dragon's head follows you around! Mona Lisa? Please!

So why is the 'Trump Dog' gracing this entry? I found it while doing a Google search for Trump for a side project at work and felt like I had to share. For those interested, here's a link to the PDF magazine, wOOt! (removed) To cut a long story short, the CIO of our company split the IT group into three teams. We were to come up with ideas to 'better' the work place. At first I was going to pull out my skills from Psychology of Habitation, but one of the VP's on my team decided we should go with a parody of our parent company's magazine, the Credit Suisse 'One'.

What a week it has been eh? I was out of the loop on Monday, only to discover later in the night that Adobe had acquired Macromedia, and Gamestop had done the same to EB. Then later in the week, the Dow dropped dangerously close to the 10,000 mark, NYSE merges with Archipelago followed by Nasdaq's acquisition of Instinet. And the most interesting review? Dvorak's take on the Adobe/Macromedia deal.