Geek heaven in NYC.
For a boring guy like me, there is plenty to do in NYC if I would only get off my rear. To keep track of all the events in the area, I've decided to add another section to the site. Look to your left for the 'events' page. If you know of an event (other than parties) drop me a line.

For geeks, no trip to NYC would be complete without visiting the following locations. Both Sony and Samsung have their own stores by the lower Central Park area. Samsung's Samsung Experience store is located within the AOL Timewarner building by Columbus Circle. In fact, pretty much every store within that building uses Samsung LCD screens. Sony's Wondertech Lab is located a couple of avenues over on Madison Avenue. Now Nintendo is opening their own store at Rockefeller Center. What has been a Pokemon Store undergoing renovation has officially been converted to a Nintendo store with an imminent opening date. Thankfully they are all located in the same area, so hitting all three stores in one day should be no problem.

In other NYC news, NYC's Chinatown area is finally getting it's own arch. Of course they are going for the old Chinese styled arch's.