Dubai's X-Treme Architecture!
I guess when you have the money, anything is possible. There's been plenty of coverage, including this article on CNN, of the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest skyscraper. Work has already started on the foundations, and Samsung (go Korea!) is the main contractor. There really is no justification for building so tall in the middle of the desert where there's plenty of space, and not much in terms of environmental concerns (what are you going to do, destroy habitat? displace animals? kill the forest?). But I dare say architects and people with a lot of money have very small _____ so they have to build structures like this to make up for their manhood. But honestly, at least it looks a little better than some of the atrocious skyscrapers being built in lower China. Shenzhen? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

More appalling, and a hazard to the environment, is this Ocean City, the World, off the coast of Dubai. Many artificial islands built to resemble a map of the world. Honestly, they don't have enough land there to build on so they must reclaim land in the ocean. Poor sea turtles. It's good to know that Rod Stewart and other celebrities are spending their money wisely helping those less fortunate than them. I wouldn't shed a tear if a natural disaster happened along and wiped these babies out. Where's Aquaman when you need him? If this sucker somehow messes with the EAC I'm going to be a very pissed and un-influential voice.