Yes, there is holy pleasure in thine eye!
Yesterday before the auto show, while visiting Tomo's firm, Platt Byard Dovell White Architects, he took me over to a section where they had dumped all their computer equipment waiting to be tossed to the curb. Among the rubble I spotted this beauty. It's a wonder no one grabbed it before I did. Guess no one wanted to deal with the size and weight, 66.7 pounds of 22" (20.0" viewable) viewing pleasure. Anyway, I went back today to pick it up and man do I have plans for this baby, grand plans! It's no Dell 2405FPW, but free is free and an LCD can't match a CRT's refresh rate or color output 'yet', thanks Tomo!

So I'm back on eBay now, looking for either a component PS2 AV cable, or a full out TV Tuner box like the NextVision N4 or VB50HRTV. I'm leaning towards the latter so that I won't have to have my desktop on in order to watch television in my room. Any recommendations?

I haven't even set this on my desk yet, I'm not sure if the table can support the weight since I have a short tube Hitachi CM771 there now, but that puppy weighs 53 pounds itself, so I guess the extra 14 pounds won't make that much of a difference. First I have to clear the Hitachi out, and move the scanner to make room for this beast. Yes this will look mighty good next to my old school Dell 1901FP.

Update: Went ahead and ordered a Kworld Xpert TV, it was cheaper than Viewsonic's offerings, had a resolution one higher than Viewsonic's N4 and VB50, and had somewhat decent (if not shady reviews) on Newegg. The Kworld website is your typical poorly designed Taiwanese manufacturer site with poor copywrite. I hope the quality of the product is better than it's PR. Should be here midweek.

Also ended up buying a component cable because it was so cheap. $3.95, plus $1 shipping since I included it in my order of three PS2 Network Adapters (modding two of my coworkers and a friend's PS2). Not as sexy looking as this one, but if it works, it works. You know I was installing some 'Monster' component cable adapters yesterday. Each of those ends were around $15. Insane.