What season is it when you are on a trampoline?
Spring time!

Only to practice those snowboarding skills though, been reading up on how boarders practice their jumps on trampolines. I'm having trouble moving on...

Spring rolled on in today in a monotonous manner. Ovecast sky produced somewhat drab lighting, ground was damp with the previous night's rain. Office was slow, nothing exciting went on... but leave it to the Gap to start the day off in a unique fashion.

Walking through Times Square on my way to get my morning supply of Jamba Juice (by the way, I dislike all dairy based fruit smoothies, dairy and fruit just doesn't go together, tastes like yogurt, blech), I passed a dozen or so Gap representatives placed sporadically throughout the area. They were giving out roses with a coupon tied to each of them welcoming in the spring season. I grabbed about a dozen and brought them into the office. Soraya, Christine, Phil, Tony and Madhu all accepted the flowers graciously. But I was rejected by Roland. He said he didn't feel right accepting flowers from a guy dressed in short, metrosexually.

Anyway, the flowers weren't of the highest quality. By noon, the roses were withering, so we dumped out the pens and pencils from a holder, poured some water into it, cut the roses and placed them all into the makeshift vase. Before we left for the day, we left it on Harry's desk. He'll have a nice surprise in the morning.
At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a softie. come on, admit it, it's charming ;o )

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