Random Ruminations
Caught some basketball highlights this past Sunday night, it looked like a pretty diesel weekend, what caught my eye though was Jerome William's hustle. On a particularly play, he was able to knock the ball out of a player's hands, ran and dove on it and then proceeded to pass it to a teammate for a dunk. You don't see that type of hustle in professional basketball anymore (or maybe I just need to start watching the NBA again). What really warms the heart is that he also gives back to the community in a big way. He's not very talented in basketball, but he busts his balls. I think I have a new favorite player to track. The last player I liked was Anthony Mason... hahaha.

Big whoop, Toshiba develops a detachable display. Don't understand the significance of this. Don't you need the base of the laptop to hold the screen up when working on your laptop? Or will you prop it up on something else, perhaps hold onto it with one hand and type with the other? Anyway, what I really want to see is a laptop cylindrical tube that shines an IR keyboard (apparently vaporware) in one direction for you to type on, and shines a holographic display out the other end for your viewing pleasure. Okay, hologram's aren't quite there yet, how about a roll up OLED display? Soon... but for the time being, how about a laptop display screen on rails? That way, when you have your laptop on your desk, you can raise the screen to eye level. Talk about a sore neck when watching a laptop screen on the bus...

This is actually cool, Dyson, the makers of my favorite vacuum next to a shop vacuum (both of which I can't afford) has created a vacuum that utilizes a ball to roll on. Okay Mister Segway, let's make room for some 'useful' inventions. Most expensive model yet, but wow, if he comes out with a hovering vacuum (that'll be a toughy eh, push and pull at the same time...) I'm going to be dropping the big bucks for it. I'll put a saddle on it and ride it around the house... yee-ha!

Vicodin? Morphine? Useless, didn't do anything when I mucked my leg. But let me plug a product called Lidoderm which uses, you guessed it, lidocaine. This stuff is flat out faaaantastic. Yes I still remember the first night I had one of these patches applied to my right shoulder (snowboarding injury). I couldn't move my arm for a week and a half, but with one of these patches applied, it was as though the nerves were detached and everything else in my arm regained their function. Totally blocks out the pain signals. I think I'm turning into a lidocaine junkie. Someone put the drug peddler away!