Mass transit is a nightmare...
Typical morning routine when staying in NJ.
0630: Wake up, take a shower (if feeling lazy or clean, skip this first step).
0650: Nature calls, brush teeth, get dressed.
0700: Scan through news sites and daily blogs.
0720: Breakfast.
0730: Out the door.
0735: Bus usually arrives by 0740.
0830: Bus arrives at Port Authority.
0840: Jamba Juice (anything without dairy in it).
0900: Step into office.

Today, a bus broke down in the bus lane near the Lincoln Tunnel. That backed up all the buses back to where we were. After sitting still for about 15 minutes, the police closed off the bus lane and forced the remaining buses to take the route reserved for the polluters. So after much traffic and delays, I got into Port Authority at 9:30am. Had to skip Jamba Juice and stepped into the office at 9:40am.

Due to the weather, my ride home wasn't that pleasant either. When taking the 5:35pm bus, I can usually make it home by 6:30pm. Not today. No sir... there was so much traffic, I didn't make it home until 7:15pm. Of all days to stay in the city, this was obviously one of them, but I didn't think ahead so I neglected to bring my apartment keys. Could have picked up my backlog of comics too. Damn!

There was some fun things to take note of on the ride home. I usually ride in the front of the bus so I can get off easily and quickly. But today I was a bit late and ended up sitting in the back. Due to the horrendous traffic, the bus was lurching back and forth with the traffic and when switching lanes. It felt like I was in some sort of space shuttle (not that I know what that really feels like). The lights outside shining through the fogged up windows, and the flickering blue interior lights under the seat added to the overall effect. For half the ride home where I couldn't sleep, I was imagining the perfect Starship Troopers transport. Too many iterations came up for me to really describe any of them in detail, so I'll leave that alone for now. Maybe in the future I'll sit down and try drawing one out.
At 8:53 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

dang... that's like my morning routine, except i leave at 740, and arrive at the office 845. even pick up jamba juice (protein berry pizzazz). the sad part is i leave the office on avg. between 6&8

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got it easy man...

my morning:

6:00 alarm goes off...hit the snooze
6:10 hit the snooze again...
6:20 finally get up...eat whatever i can find
6:40 bathroom it up...
7:00 out the door, in the car and on the road
7:10 hit traffic getting on the parkway
7:45 hit traffic getting on 287
8:10 hit traffic over the bridge
8:45 roll into work 15 minutes late

basically on a 40 mile commute it takes me about 1hr 45 min to 2 hr's...there is stop and go traffic..i'm driving a manual...music in the morning sucks...i've listened to all my cd's...i gotta use the john...

picture opening scene...office space....

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