Indoor snowboarding, in our backyard!
Hope the conditions were good today. The sun was out and the weather was fantastic right? All hope is not lost, and I still cannot let go. We can always travel to Europe and Japan to these indoor ski slopes. Or by 2007, there may even be one opening near Giants Stadium! Man I remember seeing a photo of one of these Japanese parks a few months back in a magazine. They had a blurb about the Chinese national snowboarding team, accompanied by a photo. I never thought anyone could make snowboarding so UNcool. They looked out of place in their red one piece suits, white helmets and ugly boards. Excuse me China, can I come join your team... and maybe redo the outfits?

"There are no snow domes in North America, but at least one is being planned, amid legal battles over land development. According to Elizabeth Parlett, spokeswoman for the Mills Corporation, construction on Xanadu in New Jersey should begin by the end of March with a projected opening date of Spring 2007.

The $1.3 billion Xanadu plan includes a 140-foot high snow dome that covers an area of more than 250,000 square feet. Slopes will be divided to accommodate different skill levels with a separate area for snowboarding. Xanadu will feature other recreational activities such as skydiving and car racing, in addition to numerous retail areas, entertainment venues and dining options."