Harry Potter (as promised)...
Before work started, I was fortunate enough to be coerced into consuming all the Harry Potter books that have been released so far. At times I wish I waited until all the books in the series were released before reading through them. My life felt a little empty after I got through the last one... just a little. Kind of leaves you hanging, the rest of the books in the series always seemed to wrap up nicely. Exciting, yet dark times ahead, something to look forward to on July 16.

I was never a big magic/sorcery fan which is why I never bothered to pick up the series when everyone was raving about them. The last 'popular' book I read was Angels & Demons and the DaVinci Code, and after those two, I had enough of Dan Brown. His writing is repetitive, but the ideas he presents in his books are interesting. Dan Brown also had the help of John Langdon, who's ambigrams blew me away!

So I was ordered to write about my love for Mr. Potter. Sadly that is not the case, Harry Potter's a punk. Especially in his fifth year when he becomes all moody. I understand his frustration with the lack of information getting to him, but I would have knocked him out if I were with Hermione and Ron. And I think this is one of the reasons why this series is so good. The trials they go through remind everyone of their own trials and tribulations during their formulative years. On a greater imaginary scale that is. Unless of course one of your coming of age experiences happened to be waving your wand making things fly. Regardless, Rowling manages to get her readers to identify with the failures and successes of each character. I wonder if this book appeals as much to those further removed from their teenage years.

As cool as Harry, Ron and Hermione are, I would rather have been in James Potter's crew. Think about it, Sirius Black, James Potter and Remus Lupin (who happens to be my favorite character). How cool is that crew? And the fact that they are all animagus'! Oh by the way, that image on the top right is supposed to be Remus Lupin in his werewolf form.

For Quidditch, anyone wonder how they can stand straddling a broom? doesn't look too comfortable. Heh, I remember when I first read about the brooms in the book, I immediately took a liking to the Cleansweep Seven. Only because there's a snowboard called the Seven made by Burton. Yeah, awesome.

How about that Dumbledore's Army? It's like a co-ed fraternity within the houses at Hogwarts. Getting together to learn some 'real' magic. They even have their own secret meeting area and ways to communicate when a meeting will be taking place. I wonder what form my 'patronus' would take. A slow ass turtle? It'd be cool if it was big enough so I could step inside.

Recently saw the first movie, dying to see the others now. I don't believe I've seen better casting. I've seen some images online of who they got to play Black, but none of Lupin yet. Who plays Cho Chang? So far they've made three movies correct? My favorite book is the fourth, so I can't wait to see the fourth movie when it's released. Most action of all the books. Oooh and how do the dementors look? Ah hell, I'll just go find the rest of the movies...

Anything else I'm missing from the series thus far? (Happy?)
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