Had gel in my hair this morning. Then it was all gone...
What an absolutely disgusting day out. I challenge anyone to find the joy in a day like this (minus the nutritional value for plant-life, and the cool gushing streams by my house).

The morning routine started out pretty regularly. There was the boring dreamless night of sleep to start out the week, brushing of the teeth, washing of the face and shaving. Also musn't forget the gel in the hair.

The commute started with me standing in the rain for 30 minutes waiting for a bus. Being the hardcore *%@$) that I am, I refuse to use umbrellas. And I wasn't smart enough to get my 'rain' jacket so by the time the bus came, I was soaking wet. I dried off as best as I could with the spare shirt I had in my duffel bag. I think if I had my towel in that bag I would have considered undressing right there in the bus to dry myself up. It was so uncomfortable. Anyway, to tack on to the 20 minutes are so I was already late by, there was an accident on 280 forcing us to use the GSP. I eventually got into the city at 9:30am.

Walking to work today was a bit of an adventure. In Times Square I started following some guy accidentally. Why it couldn't be some beautiful woman I don't know. I suppose they all take cabs to work. Anyway, to try to get out of the rain as much as possible, we both ended up ducking under as many awnings as possible and taking underpasses between buildings. I felt like a spy, or perhaps a stalker, always keeping a few paces behind my target, matching his stride and steps. I was a regular 007.

By the time I got into work, I was 45 minutes late and I no longer had gel in my hair. I bet there's waterproof hair gel out there right? I just haven't looked. If not, then Sam you need to get working on one. But then again, how would we wash it out of our hair. Hmmm... one of life's many questions.x
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Super Glue


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