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Architects to be Among Least Happy Professionals. Yes or no people? I've been thinking about getting back into architecture, at least for a year or two until I can figure out what I want to do... maybe go back to school for another design-related field, or something more conventional. All you architects out there chime in!

Tano in Chicago Similar to the transparent desktop/laptop screens that have been sweeping the net (including my very own lame attempt at it), this photographer does the same thing but to traffic signs. Awesome if not illegal and somewhat dangerous.

Sidewalk Chalk Guy Saw this a while back, but figured I'd post it along with the Wooster stuff above. Amazing work, but I wonder how it looks from other perspectives.

I was doing some research for a business card design and ended up at this page. Quoting one of the comments made that had me cracking up:

ALSO, have you ever changed the way you felt about someone based on their card? I have an aquaintance who I was getting to know, and who I liked well enough ... until he gave me his business card. It was bad on every possible level. The logo was some kind of clip-art compass, the company name (of which he was president, so i was justified in faulting him) was something like InfoQuest, the tagline was something like "providing communication solution synergies", the type was in 9 or 10 point Arial, things were centred, things were flush right, it was printed in corporate blue on white. I swear, I had a hard time looking him in the eye for a long time after that. It's been 8 months, and although we're friendly enough I know I could never truly respect someone with a card like that, no matter what line of business they're in.

Wow, who knew Steve Urkel drove a BMW! Did you all realize that ugly looking car he had was a Bimmer? How far that company has come. Do they make an 'M' version of this bad boy? Anyway, apparently the car was originally designed and engineered by an Italian company and then licensed to BMW. It's ironic that a country that consistently puts out great designs can turn out this design-dud. I guess when the key issue is economy, aesthetics take a back seat. But that's altogether another issue to debate about.