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Over the weekend, I saw a few Infiniti M45's on the road. Car looks great, especially in the silver; sadly, it doesn't look very flattering in black. Anyway, it got me thinking as to what the official concept of the Infiniti logo is. For a while, I thought it was just a stylized infinity symbol (the figure eight) much like the name is nothing but a stylized spelling of the word infinity, but a few months ago, I was told it represented an unending road going into the distance. That sounds like a great explanation and really adds some 'oomph' behind the logo. But I've searched all over the net, posted my request in forums and even sent Infiniti corporate an email, apparently they don't know off hand as well (see form reply letter below). What exactly is the OFFICIAL concept behind the logo? During the course of my research, I found some great reading on Nissan, and it's logo through the years. I'll treat you to a steak dinner if you can find an official statement from Infiniti regarding their logo.

Dear Darren Chan,

Thank you for taking the time to personally contact us. After reviewing your comments, we will need to do some further research to be able to adequately address your issue. Please allow us an additional five to seven days to meet with the appropriate experts at Infiniti and we will have a detailed response back to you within that time frame.

If we can be of additional assistance in the meantime, please contact us at 1-800-293-0800 and press "0" for a live operator.

At Infiniti, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service.


Who's going to the NY Autoshow this year? If I don't hit it up this weekend, I'll be going after work sometime next week. The NY Times recently ran an article on up and coming car designers. One of the spotlighted designers was Jose Paris, a designer at Ford. The interesting thing about him was that he started out as an architect. "Although Mr. Paris has drawn cars since he was 3 or 4, his career began in architecture. But he kept drawing cars and eventually won a full scholarship to Art Center College. After graduating in 1998, he spent some time at Audi. He started with Ford in 2000." Cool, and I like his style too.
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Steak dinner?


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