Superbowl Commercials (thumbs down)
Aside from the fact that McNabb lost the Superbowl for the Eagles, and the fact that I now owe two steak dinners, the Superbowl was okay, the commercials were awful. Every year we've come to expect the best out of the advertising world to make its appearance on this very special Sunday. This year's selection was lackluster, tasteless too as seen by this banned Budweiser commercial. So to make up for their lack of inspiration, I have below, some old links, and some new ones. But however you look at it, any commercial with a robot is a winner.

Let's start out with this TERRIFIC Singin’ in the Rain remake by Volkswagen for their 2005 Golf GTI Mk V. (credit: Bryant) This particular one isn't my favorite VW commercial though, that award goes to the Synchronicity commercial for the Jetta a few years back. It's much more impressive on a large screen as you sort of miss the details viewing this on your computer. Plenty more VW commercials can be found at this website.

Speaking of Volkswagen, as stated before, you can never go wrong with robots. Bringing back some links I blogged a while ago, this link at Ad-Rag has details on an independently produced Beetle robot, and Nike's subsequent rip-off. And of course, no post on robots in commercials would be complete without mentioning Citroen's amazing C4 dancing robot.

Finally, to tie in with the Singin' in the Rain commercial up above, check out the Olympus m:robe commercial, Pure Gold Groove, from the Superbowl which was apparently based on the Late at Night by Futureshock.
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