Snowboarding, where have you been all my life?
It is fitting, that the first entry I'll be recording for 2005, is on the topic of snowboarding as it has captured my attention, time, and energy for most of the winter thus far.

Once again, Mike (O'Sin Power / Burton Mission / Burton Ion) has me addicted to some 'X-sport'. In middle school it was BMX riding, high school was rollerblading. And now, six years later, snowboarding. Jamie caught the bug at the same time too, she now happily rides a Burton Feather / Burton Stiletto / Burton Sable setup. More recently, Joe has joined the party with his K2 Fuse / K2 V7 / DC Flare setup. I'm excited for him as he has yet to break in his equipment. He'll be making his maiden ride this coming weekend in Vermont.

The Tsungs were already into it back in high school. Many thanks to George for allowing me to break myself in on his Ride Catalyst 156. Also to Howard for coaching a bunch of us through the early stages. And for taking that nasty spill on our first day on the rails. You the man.