Snowboarding, brushes with fame.
Yesterday, in a somewhat spur of the moment decision (okay not really, we had decided the night before), Jamie and I decided to once again go riding at Mountain Creek. We were aware that the final stop of the U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix was taking place there this weekend, they had been working on that sick half-pipe for the entire season. What we didn't know was that the pro-boarders were having their practice runs from Wednesday thru Friday. Imagine our surprise when we got out of our car and actually bumped into Burton sponsored Shaun White and Keir Dillon on the way to the ticket line. Didn't White just win gold at the X-Games a few days ago? For the rest of the day, we took breaks by the foot of the half-pipe watching these guys and gals grab some crazy air. It is so much more impressive in person than on the television.

Watching Jamie drool over these guys as they rode past was utterly disgusting. While talking to her, she would suddenly stop responding or breathing and her eyes would just glaze over as these guys road by us. I'm surprised I didn't have to tie a bib around her neck.

Update: Here's a video courtesy of Transworld of the podium finishers. Not that great of a camera angle. Looking up at the super pipe from the bottom is much more moving.

Check NBC on February 20th at 2pm (ET) for a national broadcast of the event.
At 11:35 PM, Blogger jamie said...

for the record, darren drooled so much over those guys (and i know you all believe me when i say this) that you can all now happily visit the pond that is darren's drool at mountain creek.

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