GT4! Part III

Since I already threw down the money for the steering wheel, I need a decent cockpit setup for the game. That Wheelstation I linked to up top is a joke compared to the other stuff available.

The Hyperdrive will probably give you the most bang for the buck. At $150, it's tough to beat, but the $30 shipping totally kills the deal for me. It is a nice setup though, here's a review of it.

Since I don't want to drop that much cash on a prebuilt setup, there are a few DIY projects on the web. This one, a wooden one, is pretty impressive. The guy took the time to create PDF templates of all the pieces. But seeing as how I don't have a woodshop, I'm not going to get very far with this bad boy.

I think I'll probably just end up building my own out of PVC piping. I have the old pieces I used to build a stand for my drafting board (before buying a real drawing table), I just need to buy a few more joint pieces. This PVC model is pretty badass looking too. For seating, I'll just use one of the rear seats from the GX470, or buy one at a junkyard.

Before signing off, check out this sick computer table called the Gamedeck by Primotech.