GT4! Part II
Update: For those looking to buy both the Logitech wheel and GT4, I got them both for $144.97 shipped minus a $20 rebate, so net cost is $124.97. Buy GT4 from eCost, it'll be $39.99 after you add it to your cart, choose free shipping. Then buy the Logitech wheel from Amazon for $104.98, again choose free shipping.

Update 2: GT4 Quickstart Guide. The game also takes 1.5mb for a saved game, so I guess I'll need to buy another memory card now.

Update 3: Two reviews for your reading pleasure: IGN and Gamespot.

Update 4: Damn, knew this was going to happen, my eCost order has been backordered, but the Amazon order should get here today or tomorrow at the latest. It's in Parsippany NJ right now. I guess I can use it with GT3 for the weekend to get ready for GT4. Some guy on the web made a stand for the wheel, called the Wheelstation, it's not bad for $35 considering the amount of time you save fabricating one on your own. But shipping totally kills the deal. Wish I had my own woodshop.

Update 5: Well the wheel is here, I have to relearn how to play the game. The game was shipped on Friday. The tracking number still isn't working.

The recent episode of the Apprentice was focused on creating a graffiti mural to advertise the release of GT4. It was pretty awful, but if you have bandwidth to spare and are curious, you can download the episode by clicking on the torrent here. The only saving point was when the guy from the winning team approached the residents of the neighborhood and asked them for their ideas.