Haiku 575 (2)
Top of the morning-
No clouds in the clear blue sky,
but the streets are damp.

Taking the express,
Q is light on travelers.
One stop and I'm there.

Greeting the door man,
a terrific day awaits.
Up we go to four.

It all goes to hell.
When the I.T. guy cometh.
Looking for trouble.

So let's hope today,
he has better things to do.
Leave me alone fool.

Avoid at all cost.
The guy that walks like he has,
a stick up his ass.

Peace out, be merry.
Say no to rain, yes to snow.
Blanket the streets, no?

*** Haiku #2 ***
We say to I.E.
Such a bloated P.O.S.
Can't do nothing right.

I.E. Six is sick.
How many hacks does it take,
to make this site tick.

Why can't Explorer,
please be more like FireFox?
Just die a quick death!

Damn you Microsoft.
Your non-conforming browser.
-Web developers.
*** End Haiku ***