Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Joe and I attended the Lozano-Hemmer lecture at Pace after work today. I didn't really know what to expect, though I did find his projects appealing to me. The 411 on this guy, he's a Mexico-born, Canada-educated, international installation/interactive, digital media artist. Aside from his work which you can judge for yourself by clicking over to his website, Rafael is one of the best lecturers I've ever heard. He was very down to earth, articulate and not at all pretentious, something I've come to expect from many architects and other big wigs in the creative field.

He's never done a piece in America before, but the LMCC is in the process of commissioning him to create an interactive piece in lower Manhattan. At one point during the Q&A he was commenting on the lack of privacy in the world today and how he should build the mother of all surveillance equipment for his piece in lower Manhattan. Based on the imagery of his amodal suspension relational architecture 8 piece, I immediately thought of floating blimps in the air, and employing night vision or IR goggles to spot people on the streets at night. And guess what would happen next? Yup, the blimp would shine a HUGE ASS spotlight on random people walking the streets. Just to let the citizens know big brother is watching. Hahaha that would be so awesome.

Joe and I also talked about how we could maybe employ some guerrilla tactics and not deface but somehow add to or alter whatever installation piece he decides to create in the area. Hell we think he'll actually welcome it to some degree since most of his art really involves the audience as the subject. If he decides to use those spotlights he is so fond of, we are definitely installing some Batman logos to go with it. Anyway, personally I'm not sure if the spotlights are such a good idea, aside from the items discussed during the Q&A, there might be a lot of emotional ties to the usage of spotlights since they were used in Ground Zero. Whatever he comes up with though, I'm looking forward to experiencing it.

Calatrava's lecture at FIT took place at the same time but I'm pretty sure I chose the better lecturer of the two, that and I saved $15 too. Correct me if I'm wrong Lisa or Eugene C. since you two attended... right? I've never heard the man lecture before, but I like his work. His WTC project looks pretty good and the idea behind it is poetic. The luxury loft building he designed for a location near South Street Seaport looks kickass too. Considering how much money I spend on transportation to and from an unpaid internship I better hit the lottery soon. Hell I'm even thinking about moving into my parents' apartment in Chinatown. I get home so late I barely have time to eat, shower and sleep. The only drawback of moving into the apartment, there's no internet (which I may be able to solve by hijacking a nearby connection) and I'm not too fond of the flooring. If I could maybe install a wooden floor... it would make the place 100x more appealing.