Initial D Live Action Movie: Apparently the old director quit, so there's a new director on board, but the film WILL BE MADE. There's a lot of big name actors on board, check out the 'making of' video!

Asian Contemporary Art Week: Nov 9-Nov 14, I might attend the New Museum of Contemporary Art viewing on Thursday and the China Institute Lecture on Saturday evening.

Yoshio Taniguchi, architect behind the new MOMA addition will be at the B&N in Chelsea to sign the new book, Yoshio Taniguchi: Nine Museums on 11/16 7pm. By the way, the MOMA reopens on the 20th. $50 for this book... killing me. Books are killing me.

Of the book signings listed in the previous post, the only one I ever made it to was the Libeskind signing. I guess there was no ghost writer involved because the way he spoke was reflective of the voice in his book. It's a pleasure watching someone at the top of their game, you can tell he's really enjoying life as an architect. And none of that pretentious bullshit most architects seem to wrap themselves in. During the Q&A he just seemed very genuine, upbeat and caring. Good man. I need to go find other architects like him to look up to. Oh and if you haven't read the book yet, go pick up a copy it's a good read.

I did make it in time for the Bruce Mau signing at FIT, but it turned out to be a $15 per seat lecture, and it would have run into my reunion dinner with some fellow studiomates. And to comment on the dinner, it was fantastic catching up with Eugene, Lauren, Lisa, and Sooran. Lauren was actually working on the NY Jets Stadium presentation (which made it through the first round of approvals the next day) before the dinner.