Comic Book Universe: The Joys of Youth
My hero, the *@)@$* man, Jim Lee himself started a blog! Yes I'm now that much closer to my idol. No not really. Anyway, this is the guy that got me started drawing superheroes. I used to trace over his drawings all the time as a kid. Hell my room right now is adorned with all his posters. I even have the two huge Batman heroes and villains posters sitting in my closet because I ran out of room on the walls. Anyway, you can reach Jim Lee's blog here.

Jim Lee was once the artist on the Fantastic Four comic book for a year. The event was titled Heroes Reborn, and all the bad boys that left for Image came back for a year to work on Marvel properties. Rob Liefeld, the artist that should have never made it was included in that deal, but I think midway through the project he %*#@)$8 up so Jim Lee and co. had to cover for him. Anyway, here's a trailer for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. There was once a very poorly done FF film, it went straight to video and even then it was ridiculed. Funny thing is, I saw an image from the film, and it looked much better than that horrendous Captain America film. Anyway, I have high hopes for this release. Looks good so far!

Mmmm, you can do no wrong with Transformers. The new Citronen C4 commercial is so awesome, who knew robots could dance so well. So much attitude, I dig it. Also let's not forget the oldies, the Nike Air Marshal transformer and VW Beetle transformer, both can be found here. (credit: Jeremy)

Looks like Square is releasing another Final Fantasy movie, the first one bombed and they lost a lot of money. This second one looks more promising, a bit more stylized (I guess they got the clue that the fans aren't looking for how real the CGI can get, but how cool it can look when properly stylized). Anyway, I haven't been a big follower of the FF series since I last played FFIII, but I guess I'm looking forward to this movie in some weird way. I'm convinced Pixar is the one company that can do CG movies right. Dreamworks is okay, but I'm not a big fan of Shrek, their biggest hit. Polar Express was terrible. In the end, it doesn't matter how much money you can toss into a project, or how great the imagery is. Tell a damn story and tell it well. I think only Pixar gets that.

It's 4AM, you must be asking why I am still awake. No it's not because of Conan, I actually tried going to bed early today. I have my alarm set to 5am so I could get a workout in before work. But lo and behold, an active calls me to get APA Pageant stuff. *@)$*@$*@)$*@%&@)($!*#_!I!*$)!*# one hour of sleep. DAMNIT. I don't think I'm going to be lifting...

Why why why can I not sleep. Even finished Libeskind's book... I enjoyed reading it in the beginning, but towards the end, when it really got into the WTC stuff it started to sound like ego's again rather than architecture. I'll try to forget the latter half of the book so that I may maintain the much more pure version of Libeskind and the Ground Zero project. It's funny how the last two or three chapters of the book can reaffirm my intent to stay away from the field of architecture. I suppose all the REALLY GOOD architects out there are too busy with projects to have time to document themselves. Anyway, I read Stan Lee's biography before this, and when sandwiched between The Chinese In America, let's just say... I'm all over the freaking place. Next up?