Cars, our relationships.
On the way back from Howard's birthday party Shane mentioned he had started to look into purchasing a car after graduating from medical school. He was deciding between Japanese and German cars... and we came up with this great analogy.

When you buy a Japanese car, it's like dating a very pragmatic girl. You can count on her, but there'll never be sparks in the relationship and unless you choose to end it, it'll just keep going on and on and on maintaining the status quo. However when you buy a German car, it's like dating a really pretty but bitchy girl (not that I would have any knowledge regarding that). When everything is kosher, it's an amazing relationship. But you'll never know when the car will throw a fit and let you down. The upkeep is a total bitch, but somehow it's worth it.

Agree or disagree.

I for one... am all about the Japanese cars. One less headache in life, and there is excitement there, it's just a lot more subtle.