Primer the movie. Thumbs up!
Mike, Joe, Aileen and I went to catch the 7:45pm showing of Primer today. We originally planned to catch The Corporation, but it was no longer being shown in NYC (no need to fret, it'll be back during the weekends of November at the Symphony Space). Heading into the movie, Mike and I had only read a synopsis written in one of the many magazines we suscribe to each month. In a sentence, the special-effects-less sci-fi movie is about a couple of engineers who build a time machine. Now go watch the movie before reading anything else about the film.

The movie amazingly only had a budget of about $7,000 and critics have been stating it's the best sci-fi flick since Blade Runner. Though to many, the film relates more to films like Memento. "Simply the best pure science-fiction movie in like a decade -- more or less In the Company of Men reimagined as a lost early Heinlein tale (although the setup is closer to prime Lewis Padgett). Narrative abstraction impeccably served by Carruth's gritty, lo-fi visual sensibility, in which every shot is somehow simultaneously striking and humdrum. What the hell actually happens isn't remotely clear after one viewing, admittedly, but that's exciting rather than frustrating. Best throwaway line in ages: "Are you hungry? I haven't eaten since later this afternoon."" -Mike d'Angelo of Esquire magazine

In the end, you'll either hate it or love it. But I'll guarantee you'll be confused as hell, so be prepared for a second showing, or read up on the movie here(interview), and here. Would anyone like to create a timeline for this movie? Just so I can sort it out? Confused... in a good way.