iPod, start trembling... please? Your evil twin, the m:robe, has arrived!
Olympus of all companies has FINALLY unveiled a worthy competitor to the iPod. Yes I know there have been numerous knockoffs released to steal some of the iPod's 80+% market share, but this is the FIRST one that has caught my attention. I was never really a fan of the red lighting scheme ever since I got into my first Audi. It just seems somewhat menacing compared to the white luminous scheme used by other manufacturers such as Lexus.

Anyway, have you ever wondered why, functionality-wise, red lighting schemes are chosen over any other color? Your eyes adjust from red to black more easily than from any other color. I won't bore you with the details, but if you would like to read more on the subject, go here.

Though I don't see much of a reason for the red lighting scheme to be used on a media player, it sure looks great against the black face of the player. I'm a fan. Hopefully the user interface and software isn't as bad as the HDD100 I beta tested for Philips.

What's with the name though, m:robe? "The m:robe brand derives its name from the fact that m:robe products can be carried anywhere, anytime, allowing users to "robe" themselves in their favorite music wherever they go. It will be aggressively promoted by Olympus as a new brand of HDD music player." Talk about stretching for a reason behind conceptually shitty branding.