Halloween [Transformers]
Halloween is coming up, and what will you be? Too old to dress up? Nonsense! After viewing this flash video, my friends and I have decided to become second, no, third-tiered Transformers! Cars, planes, construction vehicles? We won't be having any of that. Shipping/packing boxes is where all the action is. The ladies go craaaaazy over the big brown box. BBB or Triple-B as I like to sometimes call it. Saturday we'll be going to the nearby BestBuy or HomeDepot to collect refrigerator and TV boxes so we can build our costumes.

The plan on Halloween? I think the music plays the largest role in this scheme. We'll run up to houses to ring door bells, or sit on the side of the road in our box form. When someone answers the door or walks by, we'll start playing the theme song on a boombox, laced with Optimus Prime's famous phrase "Autobots! Transform!" When that line comes up, all three of us will transform into our human selves (with the robot transforming sound effect) and demand candy/energon. We'll shock the hell out of people and they'll 1) beat us with a stick or shoot us and then take our candy/energon, or 2) laugh with us and give us candy/energon.

PS: If anyone finds a sound file of Optimus Prime's line, please send it over!

Update: Things didn't go as planned. Joe decided to be a keyboard instead, and Mike pulled off this sick toilet paper on a roll with some Hershey Squirt. I went with the box idea, instead of using a half box at first, I was able to fit under a large Philips TV box. However it got too heavy and it wouldn't fit in the car so we cut it in half. And damn my crappy MP3 player. I couldn't get the tracks transferred...